Thursday, January 12, 2012

Zoe at Kid's Dash 2011

Backtrack 1 month. :)

Last Dec 2011, Zoe participated in Standard Chartered Kid's Dash 2011. I thought only Daddy will run with her. Pero napasubo kme. Ate Inday, Wacks & I braved the heat and ran (actually walked hehe) the 750m route. I did not know that we can also run with them. 

Here's a snippet of the video while Zoe was running with Daddy.

Zoe (with yellow hat) running with Daddy

After the race, all the kids who participated was given a medal. So proud of Ate Zoe!

Ate Zoe's first medal :)

Daddy asked her if she wants to run again. Without blinking she replied, "NO!". hahaha! 

This year, Wacks is joining Ate Zoe! Excited. :)

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