Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's Official!

Finally, after 3 years of being married and 2 kids, I am now using my married name in my IC! :) Application by counter in ICA only takes me 30-45 mins. We were there earlier at around 8:30am. I was expecting a long queue at the information counter (to get queue number) as it was a Saturday. But I was 2nd in line. 

1. After around 10 minutes, my number was called and was attended to by the officer. 
2. Presented her my passport, IC and deed poll. Gave her photocopies.
3. Took my thumb prints. 
4. Verified if my particulars are correct. 
5. Paid $60.
6. I was given a slip of paper and pass to the IC collection counter.
7. In less than 30 minutes, I already collected my new IC with my NEW NAME on it! Yey!

Now, have to remember all the banks and companies that I need to update. :) 

You can also apply online thru iC Online.

Below are the requirements and procedures taken from ICA's FAQ website:

9. What supporting documents are required if I wish to change my name on my NRIC? What should I do?
The following documents are required for changes to your name:
  • Baptism or Religious Certificate for insertion of religious name. This certificate should contain the registrant's name in full as well as the BC/NRIC/Passport number (for Permanent Residents)
  • Deed Poll; which is a legal document executed by all Advocates or Solicitors to effect a change in name, including the ethnic name (ie. Name in Chinese Characters, Jawi or Tamil script). The deed poll should be executed by the registrant's parents if the registrant is below 21 years of age.
  • Marriage Certificate for insertion of married name.
Once your application has been submitted succesfully, you have to submit a copy of the dcument to ICA either through email: or via fax to 6293 6991. If you are sending the document via fax, kindly indicate “iC Online” on the first page of the document.
The original copy of the document must be produced when you call at ICA to collect your NRIC.
10. If I want to add in my Christian name in my NRIC, how do I submit my deed poll/baptism certificate to show proof?
For application made via iC Online, you would be required to key in your new name on the web application form. The original copy of the document would have to be produced when you come in to collect your NRIC.

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