Sunday, January 8, 2012

Extension of Wacks' Long Term Social Visit Pass

Last Saturday was our appointment for Wacks' extension of LTSVP. We arrived 2 to 3 minutes passed our schedule. Hehehe...Tagal nagising ni Wacks. First time he slept beside Zoe. 

Wacks' comfy pillow, her sister Zoe. ;p

Daddy proceeded to the e-appointment kiosk to scan the doc. While Wacks and I have our photos taken. Aunty is so patient with Wacks and took more than 6 photos as he was not looking directly to the camera. In the end, we decided on the photo where Wacks is looking a bit downward. :) Passport pic, 4pcs, $5.

While we were in the photo taking station, Daddy have already submitted the docs and the officer was just waiting for the pic. After my photo was taken, I went to 3rd storey to change my name. After around 15 minutes, they were done and Daddy left Wacks with me and went to work.

To apply/renew LTSVP in Singapore

Once the application have been approved, renewal fee is $90.

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