Monday, January 9, 2012

Changing Name in OCBC, DBS and POSB Singapore

Went to OCBC and POSB to change my name. Queue is like when you're queuing in their ATMs. POSB is far much longer. :) Took me around 1 1/2 hours to finish. 

Good thing that once name is changed in POSB, DBS accounts will also be updated. Great! :) Thought I need to queue up the 3rd time. 

Processing is done very fast. Just present your new IC, sign some papers and voila! your new name is already reflected in their system. However, if you have credit cards, your name is still the same unless you request for a new card, which, of course, will be replaced with a fee. You can wait for your card to expire and they will issue you your new card reflecting your new name.

Post Note (July 2013): OCBC Plus! issued new credit cards. However, the replaced card does not bear my new name...Why ah...Never bothered to call and ask. Hehehe  

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