Thursday, July 18, 2013

Zoe's 4th Birthday!

Zoe (Sophia) celebrated her 4th birthday in her school in Nativity Church Kindergarten. I just bought a Tinkerbell cake from Polar. 1 kg is worth SGD37.50. Ordered it 1 day in advance. Would want to buy the Four Leaves cake but have to order 3 days in advance for a customized cake. 

Assembly starts at 8:15. Zoe and I were in school 5 minutes before the assembly time. Mrs Chia, Zoe's teacher, put on the candles and brought it inside the Music Room. Another student is also celebrating her birthday. Children were looking at me as there were no parents inside besides me. But Mommy got to do what she got to do--take photos. ;)


After assembly, they had their fitness Wednesday. I stayed inside the school ground. It was such a bummer, my digital camera and my handphone were running on low battery and was not able to take videos. Good timing, eh! Mommy not prepared. But thank God, digital camera and phone were still able to capture the more important events.

 Cutting her cake.

 With the boys.

With the girls.

Mommy was so hungry I forgot to take photo with Mrs. Chia and Mrs. Yong...sheeshh...

Since I don't allow my kids to eat chocolate cake we bought a smaller Tinkerbell cake from Polar as well. Zoe and Wacks blew the candles. Mommy, Daddy, Tita Grace & Ninang Lek ate the cake. ;p

Big smiles. Love it!

With a little help from Wacks.

Gifts from Daddy & Mommy and Ninong Jojo & Ninang Lek

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